Procurement platform
for participants
and suppliers

IncoNed alleviates the operational burdens for participants and suppliers spanning diverse sectors. We achieve this through collective buying, aiding in sales and purchasing processes, and fostering collaborations.

Our participants gain from competitive prices, reduced procurement costs, and an organized platform that presents insights from valuable data. Our suppliers reap the benefits of increased occupancy, lowered sales expenditures, and access to data insights. 

Cost savings

By merging procurement, we save costs for both participants and suppliers, as well as manufacturers. Our data-driven platform offers tools for further savings.

Relieving Burdens

Centralizing procurement takes the weight off participants, suppliers, and manufacturers. Upon request, we also handle project procurement and even the entire procurement process.

Knowledge sharing

As the Netherlands' premier collective buying consortium, we cultivate warm relations with a diverse range of companies, each holding valuable expertise.

Driving innovation

Uniting entities for knowledge sharing and fostering partnerships leads to remarkable innovations in sustainability, technology, and product development.

About IncoNed

IncoNed excels in lightening the load for participants and suppliers across diverse sectors. Over two decades ago, we initiated NiCW, the Dutch Civil Engineering Collective Buying Consortium, with the aim of consolidating procurement for affiliated participants. 
Both participants and suppliers enjoy procurement and sales advantages. 
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Ludwig Hup & Patrick Kersten - Wisa
WISA, voor prijs/kwaliteit, installatiegemak en verantwoord spoelen
Voor W-installateurs liggen dezelfde kansen voor waterbesparing als die de E-installateur kreeg bij de plotselinge vraag naar energiebesparing.
Mastermate, samen voor uw maximale resultaat
Mastermate gaat voor maximaal resultaat met een uitgekiend assortiment, deskundig advies en doordachte oplossingen.
Stef Manders en Martijn Aussems - Heras
Heras Mobile Fencing & Security, bouwhekken voor tijdelijke perimeterbeveiliging
Heras Mobile Fencing & Security, tijdelijke beveiliging met een concrete bijdrage.
Vacature Business Controller
Junior Business Controller
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